YoonA revealed the reason why she didn’t gain weight despite overeating


Im YoonA, an idol-turned-actress with perfect height, a wannabe body, and a deer-like face. She is 168cm tall and weighs 48kg.

Im YoonA is now called the standard of idol-turned-actress, and after the movie “Confidential Assignment,” she has been walking on a solid acting road with trustworthy works such as the movie “Exit,” the drama “Big Mouse,” and the movie “Confidential Assignment 2.”

She once revealed the real reason why she didn’t gain weight in the past and it has become a hot topic.

YoonA, who appeared on Kwon Yu-ri‘s YouTube “Yuri TV,” talked about her usual eating habits while doing Mukbang together. The two made chicken breast, rice noodles, and spring rolls together.

YoonA said, “I really like rice noodles. It makes my stomach warm. I often make it. When I went to the airport in the past, I always chose rice noodles among the many menus,” she said before starting a delicious Mukbang.

She said that she liked foods that didn’t make her gain weight, while people thought she liked and ate those foods because she wanted to manage her weight.

Yuri replied, “Come to think of it, Yoona seems to like foods that don’t make her gain weight like chicken breast and Vietnamese spring rolls.”

Yoona said, “I like snacks that go well with alcohol,” and surprised everyone by mentioning whelk noodles and Korean fried pancake. In the past, YoonA said, “When I order chicken, I eat the dry meat first. I like chicken breast. I give away all the chicken legs,” she said, revealing her secret to maintaining her body.

Meanwhile, Yoona is appearing as Ko Mi-ho in the drama “Big Mouth,” and is ready to return to the screen with the movie “Confidential Assignment 2.”

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