YG Entertainment Under Fire For Unreasonably Editing TREASURE’s Mashiho And Bang Ye Dam Out Of The Group’s Photos


Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam were treated unfairly by their management company.

YG Entertainment has recently released behind-the-scenes photos of TREASURE recording their reality show “21 Summer Camp”. However, these released photos immediately caused controversy on SNS for the missing of two TREASURE’s members Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam, who are currently taking a break from the group’s activities.

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According to Insight, YG Entertainment has removed two members Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam from Treasure’s group photos using Photoshop without any clear reason. This action created an outrageous wave in the fandom of TREASURE. Many fans are demanding YG Ent. to give an explanation about this incident. They believe that the photos have been intentionally cropped to remove the image of Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam from then. The feet of one of the two idols mentioned above can still be seen in some of the photos.

Last month, Mashiho announced a long-term hiatus due to health problems, while Bang Ye Dam took a break from the group’s activities because he needed more time to focus on composing and studying music. The fact that YG excluded Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam from the group’s promotion campaign when they have yet left TREASURE is considered unfair and uncivilized.


About this matter, YG Entertainment has not yet given a response.

Treasure is the largest-scale group of YG Entertainment, established through the program “YG Treasure Box”. The group consists of 12 members.


They launched in August 2020. Thanks to the support of the management company, the group has developed rapidly after just a short time after debut when releasing 4 music products, setting up the achievement of selling more than one million album copies. Treasure is currently one of Kpop’s outstanding Gen 4 boygroups.


According to Xports News, Treasure is greatly supported and invested by YG Entertainment. Last February, the group received a capital investment of 420,000 USD to make a new music product called Jikjin. According to the news site, this is the record budget for a rookie group in Korean showbiz. Usually, such expensive MVs are only for top groups like Blackpink.


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