Yeo Jin-goo And Moon Ga-young, Who Have Been Friends For 13 Years, Give Off A Sweet Atmosphere In Their Couple Photoshoot


Actor Yeo Jin-goo and actress Moon Ga-young filled their photoshoot with a pink mood just by looking at each other.

On June 8th, a video of Moon Ga-young and Yeo Jin-goo, who are working together for tvN’s drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of W Korea.

The two sat side by side and had a brief Q&A session. Moon Ga-young and Yeo Jin-goo showed affection for each other through an interview in which they drew pictures instead of writing the answer. 

A photoshoot they took together was also shown in the middle of the interview.

yeo jin goo moon ga young w korea

The way Yeo Jin-goo leaned toward Moon Ga-young and Moon Ga-young pulled Yeo Jin-goo, who was smiling brightly, to her side as well as many other friendly poses impressed fans. Fans were jealous seeing the two show their lovely smiles while looking at each other.

yeo jin goo moon ga young w korea

Both Moon Ga-young and Yeo Jin-goo began their acting career as child actors and starred in the same drama once then reunited in “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” after 13 years. This is why the two, who have grown up together, looked so comfortable with each other.

Internet users gave enthusiastic responses, such as “Despite being friends for 13 years, they still make a sweet couple”, “At this point, I would believe if they’re dating”, etc.

yeo jin goo moon ga young w korea
yeo jin goo moon ga young w korea

Meanwhile “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, starring Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young, is an emotion-sharing fantasy romance drama that tells about a man who can feel all kinds of emotions from a strange woman as his ‘link’ phenomenon (an ability to share feelings with others) suddenly starts again. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 p.m on tvN.

Link- Eat-Love-Kill

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