Yang Jae Woong mentioned EXID Hani, his 9-year-younger girlfriend on a TV show

Yang Jae Woong mentioned EXID Hani, his 9-year-younger girlfriend on a TV show

Psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong, who is in love with EXID Hani, revealed his cool dating style in “War of the Roses”.

The September 12th episode of MBC Every1’s “War of the Roses” (literal translation) deals with the sad story of a couple who started with a petty love fight between lovers, only to eventually become the main characters of a brutal love story.

In the recent recording of “War of Roses,” the lyrics of singer Kim Jong Kook’s representative song “One Man”, which won music awards from all three broadcasting companies, were re-examined. Here, Kim Ji Min explained that there is a twist in the lyrics, saying, “After listening to the story, the meaning of the lyrics will feel different.”

While talking about a couple’s petty love fight, Kim Ji Min asked, “What do you think if your lover sees a person of the different sex and calls them ‘cool’ or ‘pretty’?” Each cast then took turns to reveal a glimpse of their romantic ways.

In particular, Yang Jae Woong, who is currently in a relationship with EXID member and actress Hani, drew attention by showing a cool appearance as he said, “It’s okay. I don’t care.”

Hearing this, Kim Ji Min questioned, “Then, does Yang Jae Woong also praise another person in front of his lover?”

However, Lee Seung Guk responded, “Isn’t it possible to praise other people?” and asked what the problem was. At this, the cast replied, “Dating is an exception”, and felt sorry for Seung Guk, who doesn’t know much about dating.

Specific details of Yang Jae Woong’s mention of Hani will be revealed in the new episode of MBC Every1’s “War of the Roses”, which will be broadcast at 8:30 pm (KST) on the 12th. 

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