Worldwide handsome BTS Jin.. is now haunting a building in the Philippines?


A resident discovered an ominous presence in the building opposite to them. However, what they thought was a ghost makes BTS fans crack up in laughter.

Recently on the video platform TikTok, a user retold the story of her receiving a call at 11.30 pm from the management of her building. According to them, a resident from the opposite complex discovered an ominous shadow outside her window, and supervision showed that it has stayed there for the past 4 days. Worried, said resident contacted management and sent their footage over to guarantee the TikTok user’s safety. 

The “ghostly presence” recorded by a resident from an opposite building 

However, the truth is way less scarier than it seems, and turns out, the “ghostly” shadow was just a life-sized standee of BTS Jin.

jin BtS
“They said they found a man standing outside my window for 4 days. How am I supposed to tell them it was my Kim Seok Jin standee?”, said the standee owner 
The story eventually made it to the national news of the Philippines 

The hilarious incident soon made waves among BTS fans, and was even featured on the news in the Philippines. Many fans found the story super relatable, and could only shake their head in laughter. Some even joke that ARMYs (fans of BTS) living alone can put up BTS standees  as a means of protection and pretend that they live with other people. 


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