Winner’s Song Mino Will Enlist In The Military This Year?


As he has reached the age for military service, the scene where he mentioned his military enlistment plan is being re-examined. It seems like Song Mino will enlist this year.

Song Mino guested on STUDIO WAFFLE’s web entertainment show “Turkids on the Block” on December 10th last year. He spent time sharing talks with Lee Yong-jin at the office building of YG Entertainment.

Song Mino will enlist

On that day, Lee Yong-jin asked Song Mino, “When are you planning on enlisting in the military?”. In response, Song Mino gave an ambiguous answer, saying “I haven’t decided yet”.

Song Mino

Lee Yong-jin then asked again “Maybe in 2022?” and Song Mino replied, “Yes, maybe”. Upon hearing this, Lee Yong-jin said, “I guess you have complicated feelings about that.”

Song Mino

Song Mino responded cautiously, “I haven’t felt them yet”. He continued, “Can we stop talking about this?” with a straight face.

Song Mino
Song Mino

It was a situation where the atmosphere would have become too serious. However, Lee Yong-jin drew laughter as he asked again, “When do you leave for military service? There’s no way we’re stopping” after hesitating for a while, pretending to change the topic. 

Song Mino

Song Mino was born in 1993 and he is 29 years old this year.

Source: Wikitree


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