Will All Of Them Look Stellar?


Button-up shirt is the most basic item in the world, but not every Korean celebrities can nail them.

Korean stars seem to always be rocking their own runway with the most fashionable and trending outfits. Meanwhile, button-up is a must-have item in all wardrobes, so it’s natural to assume that all Korean celebrities will wear it well. However, that isn’t always the case. 

Before Krystal adopted her successful diet and attained the perfect physique she had today, the idol-actress once adorned a not-so-fitting attire. In particular, the white shirt with puffy sleeves and cinched waist made Krystal look broader than she actually was. Moreover, the skinny jeans created a bad contrast, leading to an unbalanced look between the top and the bottom half of Krystal. 

Unlike the fashion fails mentioned above, many other Korean stars know how to make them look fashionable in shirts. By changing the style and material of their shirts a little bit as well as combining them with suitable underwear, they successfully boasted their top-notch visuals.

Also wearing a shirt with a tightened waist, Jennie was able to show off her individuality and physique. Compared to Krystal, who put more layers and made her waist look bigger than usual, Jennie made a different choice as she had her waist part tightened to the fullest. The shirt was also reformed to suit the body figure of Jennie, making the rapper from BLACKPINK look more fashionable.
Irene Red Velvet
Irene also wore black underwear under her shirt but she chose a thicker shirt than Soyou’s. The eldest of Red Velvet appeared with a youthful and elegant style. The color of her underwear could still be seen slightly, but her set was still formal overall. 
Sunmi wore a quite basic shirt but it was not old-fashioned at all. She chose a shirt that fitted perfectly to her body. White buttons and the pocket highlighted Sunmi’s bright appearance.
You can also follow the way Suzy styled herself in a monochrome set. Combining a striped pink button-up with a pink pastel skirt, Suzy gave off an elegant and lovely atmosphere. 

Source: K14


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