Why Did He Reply To BTS’ Overseas Fan?… Former President Moon’s Controversial Twitter Post


It became a hot topic over the weekend after it was revealed that the post “Shin Hye-hyun groin” was left on the Twitter account used by former president Moon Jae-in then got deleted.

In this post, “groin” is a word that refers to a secret part of the body, and “Shin Hye-hyun” is the name of a person known as the closest aide to former president Moon.

According to the political world on June 12th, when this fact became known, various opinions are coming out, mainly from major conservative YouTubers. Major Internet communities and blogs are also pouring out various views on the background and “real intention” of this post.

Sisa News’ reporter Woo Dong-kyun explained the situation through his YouTube channel, “Former president Moon Jae-in suddenly left a reply to a 19 year-old BTS overseas fan’s account with his account at around 10 AM on June 11th.”

He said, “Former president Moon is known to post on Twitter himself. However, he left a reply like this to a BTS fan who doesn’t know him. I’m curious about former president Moon’s explanation. The dictionary meaning of ‘groin’ is ‘a point of contact that connects the lower abdomen and the two thighs’. Former president Moon’s post has now been deleted due to controversy after it was uploaded.”

moon jae in

According to reporter Woo, the character “Shin Hye-hyun” is one of the three so-called closest aides who has been assisting former president Moon since he was a member of the National Assembly and went down to Yangsan together after retirement.

moon jae in

The post of former president Moon’s account has emerged as a hot topic online.

Chung Yoo-ra, the daughter of Choi Seo-won (Choi Soon-sil), mentioned this on her Facebook page and wrote, “Oh, it’s so terrible. So terrible. Really.”

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On the other hand, some argue that former president Moon’s Twitter account was hacked or that the post was left by mistake.

Source: newdaily


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