Where is Zheng Shuang now after the serious scandal that destroyed her career?


Zheng Shuang said she is starting a new life step by step.  The actress plans to switch to being a YouTuber, creating content to earn income

On Instagram on June 10, Zheng Shuang updated her status after 7 months.  She wrote: “It feels like I dream of being trapped in a storm, unable to escape. Maybe because of the pressure in life, I have such nightmares. However, I also have beautiful dreams, like eating delicious food…”

sheng shuang

The actress’s post received more than 400 comments, most of which were words of encouragement and encouragement from fans: “Miss you, please come back”, “If possible, forget the past and live happily  “, “Please take good care of yourself, don’t care about malicious comments”…

sheng shuang

According to On, Zheng Shuang lives in the US with her pet dog.  She is trying to learn English to integrate into the local life.  At the same time, she attended a child-rearing course, and participated in psychotherapy with a specialist at the request of the court.

If she passes the test, Zheng Shuang will have more time to visit her two children.  She did not get custody of the children according to the result of the lawsuit with her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng.  She can only visit her two children 3 days a week, for a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes each time.

She shared that eating well, sleeping peacefully and having a comfortable time with her two children is her biggest wish right now.  Zheng Shuang said she felt less pressured when she left the entertainment industry and lived in a place where few people recognized her. 

sheng shuang

Zheng Shuang said she missed her family in China, but did not dare to return home for fear of causing trouble for her loved ones.  She confirmed that she had given up her desire to return to the entertainment industry.

The actress knows she has no chance after making an unforgivable mistake.  She plans to become a YouTuber, creating content to earn income.  Currently Zheng Shuang has not made many videos, only posted somes of herself playing with her pet dog. 

Zheng Shuang was born in 1991, used to be a famous actress in China. In 2021, she was kicked out of the Chinese entertainment industry last year due to secret marriage, childbirth through surrogacy, abortion, and tax evasion.  Zheng Shuang repeatedly expressed regret and wished for the opportunity to redo her career but was not accepted.


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