When a fan suddenly asks for an autograph, IU’s realistic reaction got people exclaiming how cute she is


Singer IU’s reaction to her fans is drawing the attention of overseas netizens. 

On Jun 5th, a foreign netizen posted a video of them meeting IU during Cannes. The netizens said they are fans of IU and asked for her autograph. They asked IU, “Are you having fun here?”

When IU heard the fan’s question, she asked, “Do I have a fan? Oh, fun. Did I have fun? Yes, yes,” she replied. Overseas netizens who saw the video posted by this fan left their comments, saying, “Thank you for showing this,” “She’s really beautiful,” and “You were really lucky.”

IU looked at the fan’s phone and said, “Oh, my. There’s a picture of me. Oh my, oh my, You really like me,” she said to the fan, thanking her before leaving. IU attended the 75th Cannes Film Festival last month with the movie “Broker.” Song Kang-ho, the movie’s main character, was the first Korean to win the “Best Actor” award at the Cannes Film Festival.


IU played So-young in “Broker” who left her baby in the baby box.

Source: Wikitree


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