What Happens If BLACKPINK Members Switch The Brands They Represent? The Most Versatile Person Is…


BLACKPINK members are now all global ambassadors for luxury brands, which perfectly fit them. But what if there’s a switch? 

BLACKPINK is perhaps the most successful Kpop group when it comes to fashion, with all 4 members being global ambassadors for luxury brands like Jennie with Chanel and Calvin Klein, Jisoo with Dior and Cartier, Rosé with Saint Lauren and Tiffany & Co., and Lisa with Celine and Bvlgari. Each member boasts their own unique vibes, and thus fit the brands they represent perfectly. However, netizens started to wonder what it would be like if there’s a switch. 

All BLACKPINK members are ambassadors for different luxury brands 

In an appearance on Dazed magazine, Jennie became a hot topic for wearing an asymmetrical dress from Saint Lauren. Coupled with a pair of long Loulou earrings, Jennie looked super alluring and somewhat daring. 

blackpink jennie saint laurent
Jennie adopted a wild look on the cover of Dazed 
blackpink jennie saint laurent
Her leopard-printed dress actually came from the brand Rosé is representing 

Jennie also wore a black suit from Saint Lauren on a different occasion, alongside a pair of simple silver earrings, and a clutch from the same brand. 

blackpink jennie saint laurent
Jennie wore a black suit from Saint Lauren on a different occasion
blackpink jennie saint laurent
And managed to look stunning just in black & white 

Previously, Jennie also donned a logo T-shirt from Celine at the airport. In sweatpants and a denim jacket, the female idol went for a casual and comfy look. 

blackpink jennie celine
Jennie’s casual fit with a Celine T-shirt

Of course, with her classy vibes, it is impossible for Jennie to miss out on Dior. In a past event, the female idol appeared in a long sleeveless blouse from Dior, a leather beret, and matching Dior earrings. 

blackpink jennie dior
Jennie exuded classiness in her Dior fit 

Meanwhile, Jisoo also went for Chanel items from time to time. At the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Disk Awards, the oldest member of BLACKPINK adored a white Chanel jacket, and looked extremely regal in it. 

blackpink jisoo chanel
Jisoo looked drop-dead gorgeous in a white Chanel jacket 
blackpink jisoo chanel
When she appeared on Elle magazine alongside BLACKPINK, Jisoo also opted for a pink jacket from Chanel

In another pictorial shot with Elle, Jisoo showed up in a black ruffle dress from Saint Lauren. The original outfit was quite revealing in the bust, so the stylist had it adjusted to be more modest for Jisoo. 

blackpink jisoo elle

Celine was also a brand familiar to Jisoo’s wardrobe. No matter what clothes she’s wearing, it seems like Jisoo will always look like an upper class lady. 

Jisoo in a Celine black sequin blouse and Cartier jewelry 
blackpink jisoo celine
The female idol also once appeared in a strapless dress from Celine 

Alongside Celine, it seems that Lisa is also a good model for Calvin Klein. With her outstanding body proportions, Lisa never fails to look stunning in the brand’s designs. 

blackpink lisa calvin klein
Lisa in a nightwear from Calvin Klein
blackpink lisa calvin klein
Calvin Klein’s basic sports bra looked perfect on Lisa
blackpink lisa calvin klein instagram
Seductive and daring are words for Lisa’s Calvin Klein look

On Elle, Lisa once made waves in a full black suit designed by Saint Lauren. All members of BLACKPINK seem to fit this brand well. 

blackpink lisa sant laurent

While Rosé seems to be limited within a monochrome palette due to Saint Lauren’s image, the main vocal of BLACKPINK actually has great versatility. Previously, she boasted a chic vibe while donning a baby pink gown from Chanel. 

blackpink rose chanel
Rosé showed off her long legs and fair skin in a classic Chanel design

Before they were named global ambassadors for specific brands, all members of BLACKPINK never hesitated to try out different designers and looks. No matter what design though, BLACKPINK remains true fashionistas. 


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