“What? Did I break up with someone” Ailee bewildered at the “breakup” article title

"What? Did I break up with someone" Ailee bewildered at the "breakup" article title

Singer Ailee was puzzled by an article titled “breakup”.

On Sep 21st, Ailee posted a screenshot of an article about herself through her Instagram story with the caption “What???? Did I break up with someone…????”.

ailee instagram

The article’s title is “Ailee became prettier after ‘breakup’… Charisma with dreamy eyes”. Ailee pointed to the word “breakup” and added a question mark sticker to express her bewilderment.

ailee instagram

Ailee announced on Instagram in July that her exclusive contract with THE L1VE LABEL, which is headed by singer-producer Ravi, had expired, and that she had moved to another agency. Ravi created a warm atmosphere by leaving a message of support “Let’s be happy, sis” in the comments section.

Source: Wikitree


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