What Did Hyun Bin Think About ‘happiness’ When Was Still In A Relationship With Song Hye Kyo?


Netizens recently dug up the past statement of Son Ye Jin’s husband – Hyun Bin

Becoming famous in Asia with his role in the TV series My Name Is Kim Sam Soon 2005, Hyun Bin has always been an actor who has won a lot of public attention.

Before marrying Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin was involved in dating rumors with many stars, including Song Hye Kyo. Recently, netizens dug up Hyun Bin’s remarkable statement at the time when he was said to be dating Song Hye Kyo.

Specifically, in an interview promoting the movie I’m Happy (2008), Hyun Bin had the opportunity to share about the difficulties during the filming process as well as his own views on happiness.

Hyun Bin Song Hye Kyo

Hyun Bin received the following question from a reporter: “Are you happy?“. At this time, the actor replied that the more he thought about “happiness”, the more disappointed he became.

Accordingly, Hyun Bin said he was not sure if he was really happy or not. Because according to him, happiness is a double-edged sword; everything is decided by himself, not anyone else.

Hyun Bin Song Hye Kyo

At that time, Hyun Bin received many controversies after the above statement. Because he was said to be in a happy relationship with Song Hye Kyo and the actor’s answer was misleading. Therefore, many people questioned whether their relationship was really going well?

However, after all, the relationship between Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo was still not affected too much. The couple remained together until 2011 when they broke up due to busy schedules.

Song Hye Kyo

Many people are still constantly talking about Hyun Bin’s views regarding “happiness”. The public was startled because the actor’s answer was a prophecy for his love affair with Song Hye Kyo. It is known that during their time together, the couple was said to be too cold as a lover.

Currently, Hyun Bin is now living a happy married life with Son Ye Jin, while Song Hye Kyo has yet to find a new soulmate after breaking up with Song Joong Ki.

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin

About the project I’m Happy mentioned above, this is a movie on the subject of drama with the participation of Hyun Bin and Lee Bo Young. The film brings a peaceful yet heartbreaking story revolving around the life of a mentally ill man Man Soo (played by Hyun Bin).

Hyun Bin

This is not an action movie, but it made Hyun Bin work hard because this is a difficult role. It is known that the actor lost 4 kg after participating in the project.

Hyun Bin


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