Want to marry a rich man in Little Women? Who will be Kim Go Eun’s ideal husband?

Want to marry a rich man in Little Women? Who will be Kim Go Eun’s ideal husband?

In the first 2 episodes of Little Women, a line of Oh In Joo played by Kim Go Eun went viral. Specifically, when she wanted to escape a life of poverty, Oh In Joo said that the only way was to marry a rich man.

Immediately, the audience also quickly found the right men for her. These are all male characters who were once Kim Go Eun’s “screen lovers”.

Kim Shin – Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

The first candidate on the list is “goblin” Kim Shin from Guardian: The Lonely And Great God played by Gong Yoo. Kim Shin has only one flaw: being old. However, he is handsome, attractive, kind and, especially, has a lot of money.

If Oh In Joo doesn’t mind the age gap, Kim Shin is absolutely the perfect partner for this female character. If she married Kim Shin, Oh In Joo and her family would no longer have to worry about anything.

Lee Gon – The King: Eternal Monarch

Assuming Oh In Joo’s taste is not elderly, the handsome, powerful and rich emperor Lee Gon in The King: Eternal Monarch will be another good candidate for her.  Except for the magic power of a elf like Kim Shin, this emperor hás almost everything.

Goo Woong – Yumi’s Cells

Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) is a game developer. In the second season of Yumi’s Cells, the game that he designed from season 1 has gone viral. Therefore, he bravely decided to pursue the female lead Yumi again. Sadly, Yumi rejected Goo Woong but let’s try to find out about Oh In Joo.

Compared to an old elf and a powerful emperor, Goo Woong is a little bit inferior. However, he is still rich enough to be called a tycoon, true to Oh In Joo’s standards. He has a weakness of not knowing how to express his feelings subtly and skillfully, but with all the advantages of being handsome, talented and rich, he deserves a 10. 


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