V On BTS’s Upcoming Hiatus, “For 10 Years, We Were Scared… Now Is The Start Of Healthy Steps”


BTS’s V expressed his honest feelings about taking a break from group activities and starting his solo career. 

On June 14th, at 11 pm KST, through the fan community Weverse, BTS’s V said, “We are happy. All 7 members have different likes and dislikes, different personalities and tempos, but we all share the same thoughts when thinking of ​​ARMYs, so we knew Run BTS (BTS’s own entertainment content) had to continue.”

V continued, “For 10 years, we were always looking up and moving forward, so we were scared. We had to give up on ourselves for the team. We have never been able to count the happiness that always comes after difficulties. Now it’s the beginning of our healthy steps to remain BTS for a long time, so I believe ARMYs will really like it, too.”


He added, “ARMY and BTS are connected by a purple string, so let’s continue to look at each other so that the color doesn’t break and the depth of color lasts for a long time. We love ARMYs so much,” and posted a group photo taken with BTS members.

In the live broadcast to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary on the same day, BTS announced that they will officially wrap up the first act of their group activities with the release of their new album “Proof” on June 10th. 


BTS went on to reveal that for the time being, they will focus on solo activities rather than group activities. Starting with J-Hope, each of the seven members plans to release a solo album and carry out individual activities. The timing of the resumption of group activities has not been confirmed.

Source: Daum


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