Two Korean Actors You May Not Know Are Former Boxers


These two actors have extraordinary punching power.

Before becoming actors, these two stars actually debuted as amateur boxers.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun is a former boxing prospect who won a gold medal in the national competition as a representative of his hometown Busan. Ahn Bo Hyun started boxing when he was only a middle school student. Although his parents were against it, he worked hard as a boxer for 6 years. 

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However, Ahn Bo Hyun, who had been walking on a solid road as an amateur boxer, decided to give up on moving forward to a professional career because of his parents’ disapproval and anxiety about an uncertain future.

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In the end, with a model-worthy height of 188cm, Ahn Bo Hyun made his debut as a model. He officially became an actor in 2014 and starred in minor roles in dramas such as “Golden Cross,” “The Dearest Lady,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Her Private Life.”

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Ahn Bo Hyun made a leap forward as a leading actor thanks to his role in “Itaewon Class.” Since then, he has established himself as a representative name among actors in their 30s thanks to the success of “My Name” and “Military Prosecutor Doberman.”

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As a former boxer, Ahn Bo Hyun continued to show he is particularly strong in action scenes. However, Ahn Bo Hyun’s boxing history left him with an after effect. During his guest appearance in “Amazing Saturday”, he said, “I got hit a lot while exercising. That’s why I can’t hear well now.”

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Lee Si Young 

Lee Si Young has long been famous for her athleticism, so she made her name as a boxer, not an actress, by going through the national women’s rookie amateur boxing competition and Seoul’s amateur boxing competition.

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The actress once revealed that she was once supposed to be cast in a drama, but she ended up not joining because she was concentrating on boxing. Back in 2013, Lee Si Young joined Incheon City Hall, an amateur boxing business team, and won a national title. 

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Currently, Lee Si Young has retired from boxing, but her impressive experience with boxing became a decisive opportunity for her in acting. 

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Lee Si Young, who mainly appeared in romantic comedies in the early days of her debut, has now established her own position with action acting that does not require stunts and expanded her acting spectrum.

lee si young

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