TWICE Nayeon released first solo highlight medley: “Bouncing energy & Charming vocals


For her solo debut, TWICE Nayeon is showing a multitude of colors in both concept and vocal performances

At midnight on June 21st, TWICE member Nayeon released the highlight medley for her 1st mini album “IM NAYEON” on JYP official YouTube channel, thus raising enthusiasm for her solo debut.

The album will boast the title song “POP!”, alongside B-sides “No Problem”, “Love Countdown”, “Candyfloss”, “All or Nothing”, “Happy Birthday To You”, and “Only The Sunset Is Pretty”, totalling to 7 new songs. 

Among those, “POP!” is a fascinating track that aims to burst the opponent’s heart that swells like a bubble. Its addictive melody, coupled with Nayeon’s popping vibes, together create a fantastic synergy. 

TWICE Nayeon

There will also be a spectacular lineup of featuring artists, including Stray Kids member Felix in “No Problem” and Wonstein in “Love Countdown”. 

In addition, “Candy Floss” showed off a lovely charm from Nayeon, while “All or Nothing”, a track where the female idol herself wrote the lyrics, presents problems that young people can easily resonate with. 

“Happy Birthday To You” features a lyrical melody and Nayeon’s bright tone. On the other hand, “Only The Sunset Is Pretty” adds a warm atmosphere with the sound of a classic instrument. 

“IM NAYEON” is scheduled to be released at 1 p.m on June 24th, accompanied by a comeback live. To promote for her new album, Nayeon will also appear on the popular American music show MTV Fresh Out Live. 

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