Top Actress Choi Ji-woo Expressed Concern About “this Behavior” Of Jo Se-ho


Top actress Choi Ji-woo (47 years old) expressed concern about Jo Se-ho’s “ridiculous” sentiment.

Top actress Choi Ji-woo made people laugh by expressing concern about the poem “Ridiculous” that Jo Se-ho posted on Instagram on June 15th.

He uploaded a photo titled “The reason I wake up in the morning“.

In the photo, he wrote, “I wake up in the morning because of you, whom I will meet today. I close my eyes at night because of you, whom I will meet tomorrow. I live each day because of you…

jo seho

In response, fellow entertainer Haha, actors Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Ji-woo and TVXQ Max Chang-min made netizens burst into laughter by leaving comments.

In particular, actress Choi Ji-woo, who is close to Jo Se-ho, caused more laughter as she expressed her sincere concern, “Se-ho… are you okay? I’m worried about you…

Jo seho

Jo Se-ho recently posted a short poem about love on his Instagram under the title of “Ridiculous”.

In this regard, when dating rumors such as Jo Se-ho’s Lovestagram began to spread recently, his agency Image 9 Comms made a firm stance, “Jo Se-ho’s writings are not ‘Lovestagram’ at all.

choi jiwoo

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-woo gained popularity through KBS2′ dramas “First Love”, “Winter Sonata” and SBS’ drama “Stairway to Heaven”. She also participated in commercials and music videos.

choi jiwoo

In particular, thanks to “Winter Sonata”, she received a lot of love in Japan, where she was nicknamed “Ji-woo Hime (Princess Ji-woo)“. She also appeared in movies “The Hole” and “Actresses”.

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