To Be Released This Week, “The Witch 2


The movie “The Witch 2 – The Other One,” which returned with a more expanded worldview and stronger action, is receiving high expectations.

According to the Korean Film Council’s Korea Box-office Information System on Jun 13th, “The Witch 2 – The Other One” topped the overall reservation rate ahead of its release on Jun 15th.

The Witch 2

This result draws attention as the movie surpassed all of the prominent box-office competitors in June, which are regaining vitality, such as “The Roundup,” “Broker,” “Buzz Lightyear,” and “Jurassic World: Dominion.”

The Witch 2

In particular, “The Witch 2 – The Other One” is expected to continue the action series craze in theaters following “The Roundup,” which became the first movie to reach 10 million since the pandemic.

The Witch 2

The sequel to “The Witch,” which caused a theater sensation in the summer of 2018, depicts what happens when different forces, for different purposes, pursue a girl (Shin Si-ah) who survived alone in a devastated secret research institute.

The Witch 2

In addition to the new actress Shin Si-ah, who passed the audition for “The Witch 2 – The Other One” with a competition rate of 1408:1, Park Eun-bin, Seo Eun-soo, Jingu, Sung Yu-bin, and Lee Jong-seok will appear as well.

The Witch 2

Jo Min-soo and Kim Da-mi, from the previous film, will also appear.

The Witch 2

Attention is focusing on whether “The Witch 2 – The Other One” will be able to succeed as a series beyond the previous works that were loved by 3.18 million viewers.

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