This urologist said he was shocked to see idols dance on stage although they were not allowed to move intensely after undergoing genital enlargement surgery


Urologist Hong Sung-woo revealed some behind stories about genital enlargement surgery on “Turkids on the Block”.

Appearing as a guest on Youtube’s web entertainment program “Turkids on the Block”, which was uploaded on June 10th, Hong Sung-woo spent time talking about urology knowledge and genital enlargement surgery. Hong Sung-woo is a urologist and medical Youtuber who is often called “Kwachu hyung”.

Lee Yong-jin bluntly asked Hong Sung-woo if there were any celebrities who said they wanted to visit his hospital to have genital enlargement surgery. In response, Hong Sung-woo surprised the audience by revealing that many celebrities had undergone genital enlargement surgery.

Turkids on the Block

Hong Sung-woo said singers of idol groups who often dance also underwent such surgery. He said, “When I saw those idols dancing on the TV, I thought ‘It must be really hard for them since they’re moving so clumsily’”, drawing laughter.

Turkids on the Block

Hong Sung-woo then proudly revealed that he had operated on not only celebrities but also famous people in other fields, such as politics, religion, culture, society, and economy.” He also added that many religious people never had sex but still underwent genital enlargement surgery.

Turkids on the Block

Hong Sung-woo then mentioned a baseball player among his patients. He said he was shocked to see that baseball player hit a double and then slide forward, making Lee Yong-jin laugh.

Turkids on the Block

In the video, Lee Yong-jin said he thought someone who has a large body will have a big genital size and asked Hong Sung-woo if it was true. Hong Sung-woo said, “Absolutely wrong” and coolly solved Lee Yong-jin’s curiosity.

Turkids on the Block

The viewers gave explosive responses to the video, saying “This video is so informative and funny”, “I’ve never seen Lee Yong-jin laugh like this before”, etc. 

Turkids on the Block

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