This hilarious scene of Kang Haneul slapping himself was actually unscripted 


Kang Haneul was so immersed in his role that he slapped himself. 

In the 2015 comedy coming-of-age film “Twenty” about a trio of 20-year-old friends, there is a scene where Kang Haneul’s character Kyungjae was imagining him confessing to Jinjoo, a hot college senior played by Min Hyorin. 

kang ha neul twenty

When he was distracted by his imagination and started giggling in reality, Jinjoo asked him, “What’s so funny?”. Suddenly being caught daydreaming, Kyungjae got startled, so he suddenly stood up and said “I’m sorry” to Jinjoo. He even hilariously slapped his own cheek and yelled, “You crazy bastard!” to wake himself up. 

kang ha neul

Surprisingly, Kang Haneul’s funny reaction to Min Hyorin’s question was not included in the script and was improvised on the set by the actor himself. Kang Haneul later revealed that the director and the staff alike were surprised by his unexpected action. 

kang ha neul

Watching this scene also reminds viewers of a famous coffee commercial. In fact, the scene of Kang Haneul and Min Hyorin was a parody of a coffee commercial.

Source: daum


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