This bodysuit TWICE’s Nayeon wore during her solo was actually custom-made from a Louis Vuitton towel

This bodysuit TWICE’s Nayeon wore during her solo was actually custom-made from a Louis Vuitton towel

Idols’ outfits have become more and more creative these days. 

The combination of hairstyle, makeup, and outfit coordination is considered the second most important element on an idol’s stage after their performance.

TWICE Nayeon

In particular, the importance of this combination is rising even more these days, amid the growing popularity of idols’ stage fancams. 

In the current era of idols, where fashion is becoming as important as performance on stage, idols get to try various concepts when it comes to styling.

For example, STAYC’s Yoon appeared in the group’s “RUN2U” MV wearing a unique-looking outfit that was remodeled from an Adidas sneaker, drawing a lot of attention from fans.


The rookie girl group New Jeans also became a hot topic by wearing a ‘hip’ coordination of pieces from the designer brand Louis Vuitton for their music show performances of the song “Attention”.


TWICE’s Nayeon is another outstanding case. In June, Nayeon released her first solo album “I’m Nayeon” after 7 years of debut and started her first promotions as a soloist.

TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon’s solo debut title track “POP”, which features refreshing lyrics and attractive vocals, was loved by many.

TWICE Nayeon

In the MV and stage for “POP”, Nayeon drew attention by rocking a pink bodysuit with the Louis Vuitton logo.

TWICE Nayeon

However, Nayeon’s outfit was not ordinary luxury clothes either, as it was originally a beach towel. 

In particular, Louis Vuitton released this beach towel model back in 2020, making it hard to find  with a retail price of 1.26 million won.

TWICE Nayeon

In a behind the scenes video posted on TWICE’s official YouTube channel, Nayeon’s stylist revealed that she searched all over the world to be able to purchase the towel. Apparently, she needed two pieces to make the body suit, but ended up using only one because of Nayeon’s small body.

Fans who found out about this fact gave their thumbs up for the stylist’s outstanding ability to create a unique and one-of-a-kind outfit in the world.

Meanwhile, Nayeon, who perfectly digested the unique costume, also received praises constantly. 

On the other hand, Nayeon’s group TWICE have all renewed their contract in July this year. 


Talking about the contract renewal of all 9 members, TWICE’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said, “TWICE, who played a decisive role in establishing the status of JYP, a K-pop entertainment company, and JYP, which has become a strong support for TWICE’s growth into a representative K-pop girl group, will continue to grow based on this trust in the future. All members have agreed to renew the contract with confidence in the future.”


On August 26th, the group released their 11th mini album “Between 1 & 2”, which is their first comeback after renewing their contract.

TWICE Nayeon

The album’s title song, “Talk that Talk”, expresses the strong bond between TWICE and their fandom ONCE, who have been the most precious and intimate existence to each other for a long time.

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