This actress suddenly decided to pursue acting although she majored in P.E… She has now become a rising star in the film industry


Actress Lee Joo-young once revealed the special event that made her become an actress 

Lee Joo-young, who is a young star in the independent film industry, gained popularity by playing the role of transgender character Ma Hyun-yi in the drama “Itaewon Class”.

Lee Joo young

She used to play boyish characters because of her image with short hair and low-tone voice. You can meet Lee Joo-young in her tomboy style through “A Quiet Dream”, “Jane”, and “Maggie”.

Lee Joo young

She became an actress due to a very unique reason. People who dream of becoming actors often have to go through an entrance examination. In an interview, Lee Joo-young revealed that she actually applied for the Department of Physical Education (P.E.) and studied without any specific goal, but then decided to pursue acting on impulse after seeing a play by chance.

Lee Joo-young

When asked why she chose P.E. as her major, the actress honestly answered that it was because she could skip self-study classes in the evening. 

She added that she liked reading so much and had read all the novels by Onda Riku. It is said that she came to the library a lot and was even given the nickname “reading king”.

Lee Joo-young

The fact that she studied P.E. might be the reason why she portrayed a female baseball player in “Baseball Girl” so perfectly. She recently appeared alongside veteran actress Bae Doo-na as a detective in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s movie “Broker”.

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