This 36-year-old actress already has a daughter but she’s so pretty that someone flirted with her when she was going out on the street


Following last year’s incident, actress Han Ji-woo recently confessed that she was flirted with by a stranger again.

On June 22nd, Han Ji-woo posted on her Instagram, “I was too excited to go to the salon after such a long time. I entered the salon after having my car parked. Suddenly, someone flirted with me so I said ‘I’m a mother, I already have children’ and then ran away.” She also revealed a mirror selfie taken at a place that looks like a hair shop. 

Han Ji-woo, who turned 36 years old this year, got married in 2017 and has a daughter. However, she still shows off an outstanding and youthful beauty like when she was in her 20s. 

han ji woo

Han Ji-woo’s gorgeous facial features, unrealistically small face size, and honey skin without wrinkles drew admiration from netizens. In addition, the actress added, “There are still many guys who like flirting with women in Apgujeong. There was even a flower bouquet at the filming set. I felt so happy.”

han ji woo

Han Ji-woo also confessed a similar experience in July last year. At that time, she posted on her Instagram, saying “A man wearing Tom Brown shirt at the mart approached me and asked if I had a boyfriend. I said ‘Sorry, I already have children’ then ran away immediately”.

han ji woo

In response to Han Ji-woo, an actress in her mid-30s who has already been flirted with twice, show host Chun Woo-jung commented, “Wow, it’s not dead yet. But it’s really pretty. Seriously.”

han ji woo

Meanwhile, Han Ji-woo made her debut in 2007. She used to appear on MBC’s program “Hot Brothers” and was nicknamed “Little Song Hye-kyo”.

han ji woo

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