The truth about BLACKPINK Rosé and BTS J-Hope allegedly went on a date at a restaurant 


Dating evidence of Rosé and J-Hope surfaced and created a stir. 

On June 21, a dating rumor between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and BTS’s J-Hope suddenly surfaced and stirred up social media. The rumor started from a post on the Korean online community Pann Nate with photo evidence and then quickly spread to all different platforms. But what’s the truth?

The rumor stemmed from photos of Rosé and J-Hope taken at the same restaurant 

Korean-French chef Pierre Sang recently posted photos he took separately with Rosé and J-Hope at his restaurant on his Instagram story and it looked like they were taken at the same time. This sparked rumors that Rosé and J-Hope went on a date at this restaurant. Rosé and J-Hope were also both dressed in all-black outfits like a couple.

J-Hope and Rosé were also spotted having similar nail colors from the day the photo was taken until June.

The truth came out 

In fact, many idols such as TWICE’s Nayeon, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa, Jeon Somi, NCT,… were present at that day’s event by chef Pierre Sang, not only Rosé and J-Hope, so it doesn’t make sense to call it a date between just the two of them. 

Many idols like Nayeon (TWICE), Jisoo and Lisa (BLACKPINK), NCT, Somi… all went to this restaurant and attended the event that day. 


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