The trial of Kris Wu officially started after 1 year of arrest, how is his victim reacting? 


On June 10, 2022, the People’s Court of Chaoyang District finally announced the trial of Kris Wu for charges of rape and further promiscuous activities. 

According to the People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, Kris Wu finally stood trial for his charges of rape and gathering a crowd for promiscuous activities. To protect the privacy of victims, all court procedures will be kept confidential in accordance with the law. The jury’s decisions and final sentence would also be confirmed on a later date. 

The trial of Kris Wu
Kris Wu finally stood trial for his crime. 

The case is said to be too complicated and wide, and as such could only commence after nearly a year of progress and gathering evidence. As of the moment, Kris Wu is accused of “gathering a crowd for promiscuous activities and prostitution”, a crime that would incur a fixed-term imprisonment of at most 5 years; as well as “rape”, which can incur a fixed-term imprisonment within 3-10 years.  

In accordance with Chinese law, if one is confirmed to have committed more than one charge, then with the exception of the death sentence and lifelong imprisonment, he would receive a sentence less than the total sentence of all his charges, and higher than the most serious sentence. Therefore, if fully indicted, Kris Wu will be imprisoned for at least 10 years. 

The trial of Kris Wu

Previously, in May 2022, Kris Wu caused a stir when he was suddenly active on social media again despite being detained. Kris Wu’s profile pictures and cover photos on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts were changed. At the same time, the former EXO member’s YouTube account was updated. Kris Wu’s Instagram account also showed that he was online and was said to have read messages from fans. 

In fact, Kris Wu has been completely banned from appearing on broadcasts since July 2021. The Youth Committee of China Television Drama Production Industry Association issued a notice demanding companies to suspend any involvement with Kris Wu after his shocking scandal. 

The trial of Kris Wu

Right after this news, the accuser and victim of Kris Wu, Du Meizhu posted an expression on Weibo with emoji hands clasped together. Some netizens left a message in the comment area saying that her journey was not easy, and she replied: “Thank you, everything is silent”, and some netizens responded: “You are finally getting justice”.

Source: QQ, K14


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