The surprising current situation of the actor whose movies continued to fail


The anecdote that actor Lee Byung-hun, who was not recognized by his close colleagues in the past, was able to succeed belatedly in the film industry is touching.

The platform “Vible” recently posted a promotional video titled “Opportunities seized by actor Lee Byung-hun, who used to be a box office failure” on its official YouTube channel.

In the video, Lee Byung-hun said, “The movies (in which I starred in the 1990s) did not have good results. ‘Who Drives Me Mad?’ (1995), ‘Runaway’ (1995), ‘Kill the Love’ (1996) and ‘Ji sang man ga’ (1997) continued to fail without a break.”

He confessed, “Seniors around me told me, ‘Byung-hun, I’m saying this to you because we’re close. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do movies for the rest of your life. Isn’t it said that people are usually given three chances? If you don’t do well until the third time, you probably won’t have a chance again.’”

lee byung-hun success

Lee Byung-hun added, “I didn’t succeed with the third movie either. Miraculously, I was given the fourth chance, but it also failed to be a box office hit.”

lee byung hun

In the end, he succeeded at the fifth attempt through his fifth film “The Harmonium in My Memory” (1999). He also earned the title “box office actor” through his next work “Joint Security Area” (2000).

This year, the 27th year since his debut, he is still very popular as he has always been active in his work.

lee byung hun

Netizens commented, “Lee Byung-hun didn’t play hard to get and didn’t stop acting. That made Lee Byung-hun a true actor”, “His acting has a wide spectrum and is perfect”, “Thank you for not giving up until the end”…

lee byung hun

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