The signature characteristics of 4th gen Kpop girl groups

The signature characteristics of 4th gen Kpop girl groups

Up until now, Kpop has gone through 4 generations, with each group boasting different characteristics and gaining attention for their own charm. 4th gen Kpop idols are no exception to this, and after each concept, MV, and album, they keep their signature features intact.  


ITZY, who debuted in 2019 under JYP Entertainment, quickly gained public attention with their outstanding visuals and talents. As the group have made a fair number of comebacks so far, it’s easy to notice a common detail throughout all of them. 

In particular, at the end of every MV, the 5 ITZY members would make their signature choreography point – the hand crown. Over time, this choreography has grown so familiar to the public, that they immediately affiliate it with ITZY.

itzy chaeryeong
IZTY’s signature choreography point 
The public often associate the hand crown choreography with ITZY
In their recent comeback, ITZY continues to make this same move


Since their first appearance, aespa has attracted attention via their AI concept. In their comeback, the girl group’s AI version would make short appearances next to the members, adding an unique feature to their stages and MVs. To many, aespa’s worldview and concept is one-of-a-kind in Kpop, and help them stand out. 

aespa draws attention with their unique concept 
The group’s interesting worldview and AI concept has become a signature feature of them 


STAYC is a girl group under High Up Entertainment, whose songs mostly include the phrase, “STAYC girls, it’s going down”. In their return with “Stereotype”, the group’s leader, Sumin, has explained the phrase meaning to be “We are going to bring something wonderful”, making it their own icon slogan. 

STAYC add their signature slogan into title songs
Fans have high anticipations for STAYC releases


Since their debut, (G)-IDLE’s albums have always been named with the letter “I”. Their albums have titles like I Am, I Made, I Trust, I burn and I NEVER DIE. Audiences assumed that the “I” was one of (G)-IDLE’s ways of telling people that the album represented the group’s feelings and thoughts.

GI-DLE-I Never Die Teaser
(G)-IDLE’s album titles all start with the letter “I”.
(G)-IDLE’s music is appreciated. (Photo: M Countdown)


NewJeans is considered by the audience as a “dinosaur rookie”, operating under the management of ADOR. The girl group attracted attention because they debuted at a relatively young age. However, NewJeans has always kept an age-appropriate appearance, suitable for Korean tastes.

The girls have sported a long, black hairstyle that makes fans flutter ever since their debut. Additionally, despite wearing minimal makeup each time they perform, the five females are able to draw the audience’s attention.

NewJeans girls have long, silky black hair.
newjeans hanni
The duo Minji and Hanni impressed the public with their long black hair. (Photo: Kpopping)
The 5 girls always put on light makeup. (Photo: Instagram @newjeans_official)
newjeans minji
NewJeans has a pure, sweet vibe.

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