“The Roundup” surpassed “Train to Busan” to rank 15th among Korean box-office movies of all time


According to the Korean Film Council’s Korea Box-office Information System, Korea’s leading crime action movie “The Roundup” surpassed “Train to Busan” (2016) on the 35th day of its release as of 11 a.m. on June 21st..

In just 31 days after its release, the movie “The Roundup” has surpassed 11 million viewers, and it is heading to the peak of 12 million viewers. In addition, following the “Along with the Gods” series, “The Roundup” is now the most popular work of Ma Dong-seok among those in which he stars as the main roles. “The Roundup,” which will surpass “Taegukgi” (2014)’s 11,746,135 audience recorded by the official statistics, is creating a box office syndrome that has shaken the entire cultural community after the pandemic.

Ma Dong-seok

The movie “The Roundup” was the 28th movie in history, the first movie since the pandemic, Ma Dong-seok’s fourth Korean movie (where he appears as the male lead), and his 20th Korean movie to reach 10 million audiences. It’s also the first Korean movie to premiere after the pandemic, reaching 1 million tickets sold after 2 days, 2 million after 4 days, 3 million after 5 days, 4 million after 7 days, 5 million after 10 days, 6 million after 12 days, 7 million after 14 days, 8 million after 18 days, 9 million after 20 days, 10 million after 25 days and 11 million after 31 days.

The first movie to surpass 10 million viewers since the pandemic, “The Roundup”, is a film about a crime eradication operation conducted by the monster detective “Ma Seok-do” (Ma Dong-seok) and Geumcheon-seo’s gang to catch the worst villain “Gang Hae-sang” (Son Seok-gu) who built his lair Vietnam.

Source: Daum


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