“The recent status of actor Park Bo-gum, who seems to have moved church”… Sightings are rapidly spreading


Actor Park Bo-gum’s recent status was reported.

The news spread quickly on major communities.

On Sep 11th, a post titled “Park Bo-gum seems to have moved church” was uploaded on major communities such as theqoo, drawing attention. It contained recent netizens’ sightings of Park Bo-gum.

Park Bo-gum

theqoo netizens spread a “recent Park Bo-gum sighting” delivered by an Instagram user and added, “It’s been a while since (Park Bo-gum) was seen at a church.”

The Instagram user said, “Park Bo-gum attended the 7 o’clock service at Onnuri (church) last week. That familiar chair… Did he come here during the vacation? That’s amazing. Anyway, welcome to our church, Bo-gum. I hope you register and come back often.”

park bo gum

The Instagram user also posted a photo at that time. In the photo, Park Bo-gum, with his short hair and glasses on, was sitting at a place believed to be the church and worshiping. It appears to have been taken when he was on vacation while serving in the Navy.

theqoo netizens also spread a “Park Bo-gum sighting” that appeared on another community and said, “There is a post saying that he went to a different church in August (this year) after being discharged from the military.”

park bo gum

Netizens on that community had conversations such as “Lately, (Park Bo-gum) has been going to a different church. My friend told me that he/she saw him at church”, “Isn’t it the same church as Sean’s? They sometimes walk together these days”…

Park Bo-gum is a devout Christian. He was once embroiled in controversy over his involvement with a religious cult church. Park Bo-gum did not reveal his position on this controversy.

Source: wikitree


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