The Reason Why Pachinko Kim Min-ha Went To The Blue House Guest House For VVIP Guests


“I have pride in spreading the beauty of Korea.”

Actress Kim Min-ha, who is known through her role of young Sunja in the drama “Pachinko,” appeared at the Blue House Guest House. She is the first ambassador of the Cultural Heritage Visit Campaign organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korean Cultural Foundation. This is the Blue House Guest House’s first public event since the public opening of the Blue House last month. 

The video of Kim Min-ha’s visit to Haeinsa Temple in Hapcheon on the “Mountain Path” course will be released in September and will also be screened at Times Square in New York. “I have pride in spreading the beauty of Korea,” he said. “I stopped by Hapcheon during the filming for ‘Pachinko’, but it’s my first time being at Haeinsa Temple and it’s an honor to see the Tripitaka Koreana.” In addition, a video of designer Kim Ri-eul, who is well-known for his BTS‘s hanbok suit collection, and his visit to the cultural heritage will be released in Tokyo, Japan. 

Kim Min-ha went to the Blue House Guest House

The Blue House has been added to the Cultural Heritage Visit Campaign, which has collected Korean cultural heritage and introduced it as 10 different visiting courses since 2020, for the first time this year,. As one of the “Road to the Royal Family” courses, it was selected as a representative place for Gyeongbokgung Palace support choices along with Jongmyo Shrine and Gimpo Jangneung. 

At the press conference, there was also a question about how to make use of the Blue House as a cultural heritage. The building has received many visitors in just a short period of time after its opening, and singer Rain’s solo concert and Liberation Day performance are already scheduled on June 17th, but no long-term operation plan has been prepared to revive the essence. Chae Soo-hee, director of the Cultural Heritage Utilization Bureau at the Cultural Heritage Administration, said, “The Blue House should be preserved in a different sense than the palace. We will look at it with a sense of balance so that it can be used for its rightful purpose.” The director also said they have set internal standards that the events arranged should be those that can show the symbolism and historicity of the Blue House.

Source: JTBC News


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