The reason why “Mr. House Husband 2” is still being harshly criticized even after apologizing for airing minors’ circumcision surgery scenes


“Mr. House Husband 2” is still criticized by netizens even when they already apologized for airing scenes of middle school students undergoing circumcision surgery.

In the broadcast of KBS 2’s “Mr. House Husband Season 2” on September 17th, Hong Hwa-cheol, the son of former baseball player Hong Sung-heon, visited a urologist for circumcision surgery with his four friends.

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The program showed Hong Hwa-cheol and his friends entering the operating room and undergoing circumcision surgery. After the surgery, Hong Hwa-cheol was seen enduring the pain. 

After the broadcast, some netizens voiced criticism over the airing of minors’ circumcision surgery scenes.

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In the article titled, “Please apologize for the sexual abuse caused by the broadcasting of circumcision surgery and exposing underage boys in Mr. House Husband”, posted on the viewer bulletin board of KBS’s Viewer Center, a viewer argued, “It’s not easy for minors to make judgments on their own. They should also be subject to sexual protection. If you did sexual surgery on a girl, would it be possible to show on TV? This broadcast is more like sexual abuse”. In addition, many other articles, pointing out problems, such as sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

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Some viewers even filed a complaint with the Korea Communications Standards Commission over the controversial broadcast of  “Mr. House Husband Season 2”. As the controversy intensified, “Mr. House Husband Season 2” issued an apology on their official website on September 19th.

“We deeply apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the contents of the broadcast on September 17th”, said the production team of the show. They continued to explain, “The reason the production team prepared this broadcast began with the couple’s concerns about providing proper sex education to their adolescent children. They wanted to honestly talk to their children about sex education and circumcision surgery, which were not easy to bring up even among family members, and show how parents and children should understand each other.”

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They added, “Through conversations with families, the students themselves considered circumcision surgery necessary, and their parents also agreed to broadcast the content.”

“Mr. House Husband Season 2” emphasized that it was a voluntary decision made by students and parents after discussing together for a month and a half. They said, “The students’ parents also respected their children and agreed to film the content. There was also no intervention from the production team in the process. All the surgery scenes were filmed under the observation of the students’ parents, and all members of the families finished the filming in a warm atmosphere.”

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The production team then bowed their heads, saying “Contrary to our intention of showing how family members comfortably talk about gender issues, we have caused inconvenience to the viewers. Therefore, we deeply apologize for that.”

Lastly, they said, “Taking this opportunity as an example, we will try to be more careful in producing content in the future. We will continue to do our best to make ‘Mr. House Husband’ a window for families’ communication and conflict resolution”.

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However, “Mr. House Husband” is still being criticized even after apologizing. This is because of what they said, such as “Agreed by all families”, “a voluntary decision made by the students and families”, and “no intervention from the production team in the process”, in the apology released by “Mr. House Husband” side.

Netizens responded, “They are secretly blaming the students and their parents”, “They must have issued the explanation in a hurry”, etc.

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Meanwhile, “Mr. House Husband 2” is a program that captures the real lives of married stars. It airs every Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

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