The Reason Why Many Female Dancers Give Up On Having Children 


The hardships female dancers undergo were recently talked about in “I Live Alone.” 

The recent broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone” showed “Street Woman Fighter” star and dance crew HolyBang’s leader Honey J preparing for her performance at a university festival. A former founding member of HolyBang, Baek Kyung Ah (Becca) visited Honey J’s house and helped her get ready.

honey j

The special relationship between Honey J and Kyung Ah was revealed. Kyung Ah said that after a year of activities, she got pregnant, gave birth to a child, and took a break from activities. So now, she is only helping HolyBang in practice. 

She then said having children and ceasing activities is a problem that any female dancer could experience. Nowadays, female dancers often give up childbirth and childcare altogether because they can lose work if they take a year off from dancing. 

Honey J said she didn’t want her friend to end up in that situation, so she brought Kyung Ah back to the stage six months after she gave birth. Honey J and Kyung Ah’s strong friendship where they show support for each other’s careers draws admiration. 

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