The reason why Lee Hyo-ri cried heavily when she read the lyrics of the song “A Glass of Makgeolli”


Singer Lee Hyo-ri sobbed as she sympathized with the lyrics of the song “A Glass of Makgeolli”.

On June 17th, Lee Hyo-ri had an honest conversation with Yoon Hye-jin in the 9th episode of TVing’s “Seoul Check-in”. The two listened to a song together and shed tears. It was the song “A Glass of Makgeolli”. Yoon Hye-jin said, “I cried twice after listening to ‘A Glass of Makgeolli’”, suggesting that they should take a look at the lyrics. 

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri took out her phone and searched for the song lyrics. She read the lyrics without listening to the music. She then lowered her head as she couldn’t hold back her feelings. Lee Hyo-ri cried and smiled at the same time. She shared, “This is exactly my current situation. I shed tears when looking at only the lyrics but I burst out crying when listening to the music at the same time.”

Lee Hyori

Yoon Hye-jin then read the lyrics. Lee Hyo-ri couldn’t hold back her tears and cried again. In fact, Lee Hyo-ri’s father was not in good health condition. Lee Hyo-ri explained, “That’s exactly what my dad said yesterday. My dad ran a barbershop. He has four children. He worked the whole day so his legs hurt when he came home. Then he told me to step on his legs.”

Lee Hyori

She continued, “I stepped on my dad’s legs yesterday, too. I asked him, ‘In the past, your legs hurt so I stepped on them for you, right?’ and tried to recall our memories”. Then her father replied, “That’s right. I worked hard with all my best but couldn’t get anything in my hands. It was such a hard time.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri didn’t hide her tearful eyes anymore. Yoon Hye-jin continued to show deep sympathy and comforted her friend.

Lee Hyori

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