The luxurious life and powerful performance of BLACKPINK’s unique rap duo, Jennie and Lisa 


Not only proud of their skilled performances, rap duo Jennie and Lisa also boast their wealth from hefty paychecks. 

Jennie Lisa
Jennie and Lisa are the rap duo of BLACKPINK. (Image: Pinterest) 
Jennie Lisa
They both have their own fortune. (Image: Pinterest) 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is among the few idols with global coverage. Brands often line up to ask her for collaborations. To have the rights over Jennie’s image, brands have to spend a huge fee. In early 2022, high-end brand Ace revealed that it cost them a huge sum to hire Jennie as their endorser. Her endorsement fees vary from as little as 700 million won to as much as 1 billion won. 

Jennie is a well-known face of K-pop, having global reach.
Her breath-taking beauty and fitness attract major attention

The “SOLO” singer also boasts her personal property. Her 2-floor house is 450 square meter wide with 4 bedrooms, designed with modern inspirations. She did not hesitate to spend handsomely on her high-class furniture such as the sofa and curvy mirror. On Christmas 2021, the idol spent 6.6 million won on decorations for her Christmas tree. 

Jennie spent 6.6 million won on the decorations for Christmas. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
A large sum was spent purchasing an intricate mirror. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
jennie house
Jennie’s space was designed in modern fashion. (Image: Pinterest) 

Similarly, Lisa also shows off her comparable assets. According to a Thai news source, the idol’s endorsement fee fluctuates from 5 million baht (188 million won) to 20 million baht (752 million won). In 2019, Thailand’s biggest telecommunication corporation spent a tremendous 450 thousand USD (632 million won) to ask the dancer to be their ambassador. 

blackpink lisa calvin klein instagram
Lisa boasts her beauty through selfies. (Image: Pinterest) 

Lisa’s home is filled with a cozy and homey atmosphere. Designed with a modern style with white as the theme color, the house is recognized as suited for the idol’s favorites. She makes use of a small corner in her living room to be her studio, accommodating her photography interest.  Lisa takes good care of her kitchen space and well-equipped gadgets although she does not cook often. 

Lisa also enjoys a luxurious life. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
Lisa house
Lisa’s living room and kitchen. (Image: Pinterest) 

Jennie and Lisa is also a powerful rap duo with skilled rapping techniques, good breathing control and fast rapping speed.  Fans were in awe at the duo’s performance in “Kill This Love” and “PINK VENOM”. Their moments on stage are usually the highlight of a performance. 

Jennie-Lisa's birthday
Jennie and Lisa shared the stage for “Kill This Love”.  
Jennie Lisâ
They were paired for the rap part in the MV “Kill This Love”. (Image: YouTube BLACKPINK) 
blackpink lisa
blackpink jennie
The duo generated sensation in their duo in MV “PINK VENOM”. (Image: YouTube BLACKPINK)

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