The Guy Next To IU At Cannes… You Will Be Surprised When You Know Who He Is


Actor Song Kang-ho’s son – former soccer player Song Jun-pyong released a behind-the-scenes photo taken at Cannes.

On June 14th, Song Jun-pyong posted a picture on his Instagram without any captions.

iu song joon pyung

In the picture, Song Jun-pyong is wearing a black tuxedo and showing off his warm appearance. Next to him, IU is smiling brightly in a white dress. Their warm chemistry catches the eye.

Song Jun-pyong visited Cannes, France with his father Song Kang-ho, who was selected to compete at the 75th Cannes Film Festival last month. It seems that he took a proof shot with IU.

Meanwhile, Song Jun-pyong, who joined Suwon Samsung in 2017, retired from professional football due to a recurrent injury.

At that time, he said, “The injury is too frequent. I’m not going to play soccer anymore.”

Source: Wikitree


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