The fangirl who shouted “What do you mean you gain weight?” to IU revealed herself on “MMTG”


The female fan who shouted loudly (?) to IU, “What do you mean you gain weight?” finally revealed her appearance.

Recently, on the YouTube channel “MMTG”, an interview video titled “ENG) scolding Song Kang mercilessly vs scolding Song Kang-ho, what is Kang Dong-won, Lee Ji-eun, and Lee Ju-young’s choice? This will give you tearful eyes and runny nose with Hirokazu Koreeda” was uploaded.

The production team of “MMTG” had time to interview the main actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, IU and Lee Ju-young of director Hirokazu Koreeda’s new Korean film “Broker.”

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MC Jae-jae said, “I can’t help but mention this video,” and added, “The ‘What do you mean you gain weight?’ video.” The video mentioned by Jae-jae is a video of a female audience suddenly shouting “What do you mean you gain weight?” when IU said, “I think I have gained some weight these days” at the Busan concert of her fourth mini-album “CHAT-SHIRE” in 2015.

IU recalled that time and said, “I had a concert in Seoul the week before that, and I told the fans that I gained a little weight compared to the Busan performance. At that moment, one audience said, ‘What do you mean you gain weight?!!”

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Soon after, when Jae-jae said, “We have received a video letter from her,” IU looked surprised as if she could not believe it.

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The fangirl in the video letter Jae-jae received said, “I’m the fan who shouted ‘What do you mean you gain weight?’ at the ‘CHAT-SHIRE’ concert in Busan,” adding, “‘Broker’ will be out soon, and I’ll definitely go see it when it’s released.”

Civilization Express mmtg
Civilization Express mmtg

She then said to IU, “I hope you don’t get sick and work well during your promotional activity,” while holding a cheering message with a lightstick to impress IU.

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