The Actor Who Appears As Suzy’s Husband In The Upcoming Drama “Anna” 


Actor Kim Jun-han will form a couple with Suzy in the upcoming drama “Anna”.

Coupang Play series “Anna”, which is set to release on June 24th, tells about a woman who begins living a completely different life because of a minor lie she made up.

suzy anna

Suzy will lead a drama alone for the first time in “Anna” and Kim Jun-han will appear as Ji-hoon, Suzy’s husband in the drama.

kim jun han anna

Ji-hoon (Kim Jun-han), who pursues a goal-oriented life with huge ambition, decides to marry Anna (Suzy), who is similar to him in some aspects, without love. In the wedding shoots released earlier, Ji-hoon and Anna are standing side by side with serious expressions. 

suzy kim jun han anna

Explaining his role, Kim Jun-han said, “I thought a lot about portraying Ji-hoon’s ironic and mysterious image in the most realistic way.”

Regarding his co-star Suzy, he said, “We get along with each other well”, adding, “Before the shoot, we often shared talks on lots of things and also worries. We discussed during the filming and enjoyed working together”, raising fans’ curiosity about the two’s synergy. 

suzy kim jun han anna

Kim Jun-han is expected to increase the tension of the drama by mercilessly pushing Anna to realize her desire using all kinds of methods.

suzy anna

“Anna” will be released every Friday at 8 p.m on Coupang Play starting from June 24th. 

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