The 4th gen Kpop girl group that’s ruling over the industry with continuous hit song


With their impressive achievements despite having debuted for less than a year, IVE had established their footing in the Kpop industry, and Jang Wonyoung maybe an important contributor. 

IVE debuted in December 2021 with a 6 member lineup under Starship Entertainment. Right from their first appearance, the group has received massive attention due to their outstanding visuals and heights. In addition, the inclusion of two former IZ*ONE members, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin, quickly made IVE one of the most formidable girl groups of Kpop 4th gen. 

Right from their debut, IVE gained attention for their outstanding appearances and physiques

While Jang Wonyoung has been accused of several controversies in the past, it is undeniable that she’s a crucial piece to IVE’s current success. The female idol became madly popular after participating in the survival show “Produce 48”, and cemented her position in the industry as the member of project girl group IZ*ONE. With a doll-like face and perfect physique, the 20004-born Jang Wonyoung became a familiar name to the public. As a result, IVE made headlines right from their debut lineup, and the heat hasn’t died down ever since.

ive wonyoung
Jang Wonyoung contributes greatly to IVE’s current prestige

Despite not being from a big company, IVE is now regarded as one of the top 4th gen Kpop girl groups. Starship took great care of the group, giving them catchy music and beautiful styling and visuals in all comebacks. IVE’s debut song, “Eleven”, did extremely well on Korean music platforms, leading to IVE winning their first cup within just 7 days – faster than ITZY’s previous record of 9 days.

ive eleven
IVE debut with “Eleven” is hugely popular

With such a great launching pad, IVE continued to prove their popularity as they came back with “Love Dive”. This album sold over 338,000 physical copies within the first week, making IVE the first 4th gen girl group to come first in Gaon physical charts. In addition, “Love Dive” is also successful on international grounds, making IVE a formidable name on the Kpop map. 

IVE’s “Love Dive” MV
“Love Dive” cemented IVE’s position in the Kpop industry
ive love dive all kill
The song gave IVE their first real-time all-kill

Singing controversy 

Despite their popularity, IVE is not highly regarded when it comes to talent. This sentiment stems from IVE’s poor encore performance, where the group was barely able to sing properly, which was a result of heavy choreography, according to fans. However, this explanation fell on deaf ears, as netizens pointed out that IVE couldn’t sing with prowess even when they were just standing. 

Jang Won Young

IVE was also criticized for lip syncing during their performances and trying to hide their poor vocal techniques. However, it was the only flaw that netizens could point out, so if IVE can improve their vocals, they would be unrivaled. 

Despite being rookies with less than 1 year of experience, IVE’s achievements can blow people away. This girl group is a true “Monster Rookie”, whose prospects are wide for the future. 

IVE holds huge potentials for the future 


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