Tang Wei is seen in Beijing with her daughter while waiting in line for the PCR test 


Actress Tang Wei’s appearance with her daughter in Beijing, China, is a current hot topic.

On June 15th, a Chinese netizen posted a photo of Tang Wei and her daughter Summer on their SNS account.

tang wei daughter

According to the netizen, the photo was taken in Beijing, China on May 5th, showing Tang Wei and her daughter standing in line for the PCR tests.

In the photo, Tang Wei is waiting in line for the test with her long hair tied up and in comfortable clothing. Tang’s daughter Summer is standing next to her, wearing a white T-shirt with short hair and a red jumper tied around her waist.

tang wei daughter

The netizen, who released the photo, said the PCR test staff has confirmed that the mother and daughter were indeed Tang Wei and her daughter, adding that the star and her daughter were very quiet and humble.

Tang Wei married director Kim Tae-yong of the 2014 movie “Late Autumn” and gave birth to their daughter Summer in 2017. Tang Wei recently had schedules at Cannes and in Seoul, France, related to her new movie “Decision to Leave.”

Source: nate


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