“Suzy is turning evil”…”Anna” Suzy’s transformation from pure to a monster


Suzy is turning evil. She will show a completely new look as the solo lead Anna who deceives herself and others to survive.

Coupang Play’s “Anna” production presentation was held at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul, on the morning of Jun 21st, attended by Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Joon-han and Park Ye-young. 

“Anna” is a drama series about a woman who started living a completely different life, starting with trivial lies from her name, family, educational background, and past. Suzy plays the title role “Anna” and is in charge of portraying Anna’s transformation from her old self Yumi to Anna.


At the presentation press conference, Suzy said, “I really wanted to play the role of Anna. It is different from what I have shown so far and I can show a new appearance. I was both excited and burdened. However, I’m confident like what Yumi says in the drama, ‘I would do everything I had decided to do’. I also wanted to show a different side of me than before,” she shared.

“Yumi is a person who has a big gap between her reality and her ideal one. She grew up with everyone’s attention and praise because she lacks a lot, a lot of things she wants to do, and a lot of things she is good at,” Suzy said adding, “I acted with emphasis because I want people to clearly see the change of mind in the process or transforming from Yumi to Anna. Yumi who was a bright student at school, Yumi who was intimidated, and after becoming Anna, who had a clear goal, I want to show how she is like a different person with the vibe in her eyes.”


Jung Eun-chae plays Hyun-joo, Yumi’s former boss and gallery representative. Jeong Eun-chae said, “I met Suzy for the first time through this work, and I was so excited to see Suzy plays Anna. The Suzy I know had a bright and healthy image, but I was curious about what an evil Suzy would be like as well,” she said.

“When I saw her on the filming site, she was already Anna herself. Her spark while acting was so good. It was fun because there were two people with different vibes and aura in one angle. In addition, at the gallery prop shop where Anna works, Suzy wore a friendly uniform, while I wear colorful gold-finished clothes and we exchange daily conversations. I liked that flamboyant one-shot,” she said, adding expectations.


Park Ye-young, who has been building her career in independent films, said, “I learned a lot from sharing with the actors I have watched as a fan. Even though I am not a famous actress, I am grateful for the opportunity and I think I enjoyed it and tried hard not to cause any inconvenience,” she said. Regarding her role as Anna’s best friend in the show, she predicted, “She is so nice that she takes care of everyone with how she sees this world, but she is shocked to find out that there is a mixture of lies.”

Kim Joon-han, who plays Anna’s husband, also said, “People around me have been rebuking a lot. It’s been a long time since I’ve received so many text messages,” he said. “I had good chemistry with Suzy. We filmed the series with a smile on our faces,” he said. He explained, “I came up with the idea of using a dialect myself, but I was able to work comfortably because my hometown was Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do.”


Meanwhile, “Anna” will be released on June 24th.

Source: Daum


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