Supervisor Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping & Assaulting Female Employee

Tennessee Supervisor Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping Female Employee

Tennessee Supervisor Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping Female Employee

A Tennessee man was arrested earlier this week for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a female employee last month. Elias Escobar kidnapped the victim after she arrived at work around 6:00 am on May 27 and he told her to enter his truck.

Escobar worked as a supervisor of a cleaning company and he told the other workers that he was taking her to another business for work. According to FOX 13, he hugged the victim in his truck and told her to sit closer to him but she rejected the offer.

Escobar further explained that he was taking the woman to his house to give her a massage.

After arriving at the home, Escobar told the woman to go inside and she sat on a chair that was close to the door. Moments later, he reportedly rubbed the woman’s back, and neck, and reached under her shirt to massage her shoulders. When she tried to leave, Escobar told her that she was in a dangerous neighborhood.

The woman left and walked to a nearby Kroger where she was picked up by a friend. A month later, the woman identified Escobar after police showed her a six-person lineup. He was later charged with kidnapping and assault.

The case reflects a recent event where a man killed his co-worker for rejecting him. As previously reported, a Colorado Springs man killed his teen coworker after she rejected his romantic advances and reported how uncomfortable and creepy his behavior was to a manager.

A store manager found Riley Whitelaw, 17, was found unresponsive in the Colorado Springs store’s breakroom on Saturday shortly before 7 p.m. Hours before the murder, her coworker, 28-year-old Joshua Johnson was captured on surveillance footage stacking bins in front of the camera and taping paper over the break room’s windows.


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