“Stop inserting”… Netizens got angry at Street Man Fighter’s appearance at Street Woman Fighter’s concert


Netizens are complaining about 8 “Street Man Fighter” crews appearing as special guests at the “2022 Street Woman Fighter Reunion Concert”.

On June 22nd, Mnet announced that 8 crews participating in “Street Man Fighter” will appear as special guests at the “Street Woman Fighter” concert, which is scheduled to be held for two days from July 9th (Sat) to July 10th (Sun).

Street Man Fighter

“Street Man Fighter” is scheduled to air in August, and crews will present various performances as well as the first mission stage of “Street Man Fighter” at the concert.

However, netizens who completed the reservation for the “Street Woman Fighter” concert expressed their dissatisfaction.

Street Woman Fighter Concert

On an online community, a netizen wrote, “Currently, Mnet keeps inserting ‘Street Man Fighter’ into ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Recently, they made the Street Woman Fighter leaders film all day long, and it turned out to be a promotional video for 8 teams of Street Man Fighter. This time, they plan a Street Man Fighter mission at the Street Woman Fighter concert.”

This person added, “For reference, the Street Woman Fighter concert costs 121,000 won for all seats. Do I have to pay this much to watch Street Man Fighter’s performances at the Street Woman Fighter concert? Before ticketing, they only informed me that Street Man Fighter was coming out, but they didn’t tell me in advance when it would come out. They only told me today, the date of ticket delivery.”

Netizens who heard the news responded with criticism, such as “Play VCR instead”, “Stop using Street Woman Fighter members”, “Why don’t you meet consumer needs?“, “Fans are just a promotional tool” and “I’m angry as there was no guest information when I bought the ticket.”

Street Woman Fighter

“The 2022 Street Woman Fighter Reunion Concert [THE NEXT ERA]” will be held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Olympic Park for two days from July 9th (Sat) to July 10th (Sun). In addition, the concert on July 10th (Sun) will be broadcast live exclusively through TVING.

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