Starring Alongside A “rating Queen”, Climbing Up The Ranking Of Most Buzzworthy Actors


Hwang In Yeop is having a breakout role thanks to “Why Her”.

“Why Her” is currently one of the most popular K-dramas, hitting two-digit ratings after only 4 episodes, an achievement recorded by just a few dramas in 2022. In addition to Seo Hyun Jin, the male lead Hwang In Yeop has also been drawing much attention thanks to the success of “Why Her”. 


In “Why Her”, Hwang In Yeop plays Gong Chan, a college student with a warm personality but a hidden traumatic past. He is secretly in love with Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a woman older than him, and is willing to do anything to protect her. Their love story is extended when Soo Jae becomes involved in a big scandal that gets her fired from a law firm and forced to become a professor at the law university where Gong Chan is attending. 

hwang in yeop why her

Known for his ageless beauty, at the age of 31, Hwang In Yeop can still pull off the role of a student in his 20s without looking awkward. But no longer playing a second male lead who fails to win the female lead’s heart like in “True Beauty” or “The Sound Of Magic”, Hwang In Yeop has now become a male lead. Landing his first lead role alongside Seo Hyun Jin, who is dubbed a “queen of K-drama ratings”, Hwang In Yeop is considered very lucky. 

Despite having an experienced senior as his co-star, Hwang In Yeop doesn’t seem to be overshadowed. He showcases the character’s emotions well. His chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin is also enjoyable regardless of their age difference.

hwang in yeop why her

With the growing popularity of “Why Her”, Hwang In Yeop has recently continued to make it into the Top 10 weekly most buzzworthy drama actors, surpassing even more famous names in the industry.


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