Spiritually Woke TikTok Girl Claims Gucci Mane Is A Clone

TikToker Claims Gucci Mane Is A Clone 

TikToker Claims Gucci Mane Is A Clone

Gucci Mane is often referred to as one of the Founding Fathers of Trap Music, alongside artists like T.I. and Jeezy, so it’s no wonder that lyrics like “feel like Gucci Mane in 2006” catch on.

The Atlanta native, whose real name is Radric Delantic Davis, rose to fame in the 2000’s with he release of his debut album ‘Trap House’ in 2005, and has remained a permanent fixture on the Hip-Hop scene ever since.

Two years after his 2014 incarceration, David underwent a complete image overhaul, trading his signature ‘lean belly’ for a six-pack of abs and a Twitter account dedicated to inspirational quotes.

TikToker Claims Gucci Mane Is A Clone

Gucci found himself at the centre of a viral online conspiracy theory following his release from prison in May 2016. His post-prison image showed a complete overhaul from his former self – he sported a toned, six-pack stomach in place of his signature rounded ‘lean’ belly and he generally appeared healthier.

It looked like Gucci, who served time for a federal firearms charge, was a new man. So much so that fans were convinced this new man wasn’t the real Gucci. They thought he was a clone.

The theory escalated and people even suggested that Gucci was a government clone, potentially created by the CIA to “whitewash the trap scene”. The CIA denied these claims, with a spokesperson saying “internet rumors are not news and the Office of Public Affairs will not waste time on them.”

Gucci himself trolled fans with a vague response soon after the rumours started. “I’m hearing that Gucci is a clone,” he said though a smile, “I wouldn’t support nor deny those accusations.” Here’s a spiritually woke TikToker explaining why she believes Gucci Mane is a clone:


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