Song Ji-ah, who used to receive a love call from JYP, shows off her perfect beauty


Song Ji-ah, the daughter of former soccer player Song Chong-gug and actress Park Yeon-soo, showed off her perfect beauty.

On June 20th, Song Ji-ah posted a picture on her Instagram story to share her recent status.

Song ji ah

In the picture, Song Ji-ah was taking four-cut instant photos that are popular these days.

Wearing a white shirt and beige cotton pants, Song Ji-ah took photos in a natural atmosphere.

Song Ji-ah made various poses using sunglasses. In particular, her high nose bridge caught the eye.

In addition, Song Ji-ah, who took upper-body shots, made viewers envious as she showed off her small face size.

Song ji ah

Song Ji-ah, who was born in 2007 and is 16 this year, made her face known after appearing on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?” (2013).

Song Ji-ah gained so much public attention that she was called “Little Suzy”. She also received a love call from JYP Entertainment but refused.

song ji ah

Currently, Song Ji-ah is training hard to become a professional golfer. Earlier this year, she received off-season golf training in Los Angeles, USA.

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