Song Hye Kyo’s beauty once rendered her on-screen lover speechless 


A fun incident between Song Hye Kyo and her co-star in “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, is suddenly regaining attention.

Recently, netizens have been bringing up a previous moment between Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung, who starred together in the hit K-drama series “That Winter, The Wind Blows”.

A fun incident between Song Hye Kyo and her co-star

In particular, during filming, there was a scene where Song Hye Kyo was so gorgeous, Jo In Sung was rendered speechless. The moment apparently made such a deep impression, the male actor would constantly discuss it in future interviews. 

In the aforementioned scene, Song Hye Kyo, playing as the female lead Oh Young, dozed off peacefully next to her lover Oh Soo, played by Jo In Sung. Oh Young smiled in her sleep, and looked so beautiful Oh Soo had to give her a forehead kiss.

song hye kyo jo in sung

When it first aired, this specific scene went viral among the audience. From the visuals of both Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung to their emotions, viewers of “That Winter, The Wind Blows” felt themselves moved to the core. 

As he reviewed this scene, Jo In Sung couldn’t help but gasp at Song Hye Kyo’s beauty, using all sorts of flowery words to describe the actress. 

song hye kyo

Even in future interviews, Jo In Sung would mention this moment in awe, looking totally star-struck when thinking of his former co-star. 

According to the screenwriter of “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, the director of the series found Song Hye Kyo so jaw-dropping in this moment, he made her his lockscreen. The production staff was also moved to tears countless times at Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo’s overflowing chemistry. 

song hye kyo jo in sung

In fact, the emotions brought forth by the couple were so intense, they got involved in dating rumors after this shared project. In fact, before Song Hye Kyo got married to Song Joong Ki, the couple got suspected of dating after a series of photos of Dispatch. 

At the time, images of the two together started to spread across the net, leading to speculations of a romantic relationship. However, as things turn out, the Dispatch photos were captured 10 years ago, and were recently reposted. In addition, Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung were apparently just attending the first script reading session together, and arrived together with staff. 

song hye kyo jo in sung

Several netizens expressed disappointment as the rumors turned out to be false. Seeing that Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung were still the talk of town despite it having been 9 years since “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, it seemed that their performance in the series was extremely convincing. 

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” revolves around the male lead Oh Soo, played by Jo In Sung, who was abandoned in the middle of winter. 

song hye kyo jo in sung

He later became a notorious con-artist and gambler of Cheongdamdong, Seoul, only to fall for the blind heiress Oh Young, played by Song Hye Kyo.  


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