Son Seok-gu becomes a “10-million movie” actor with “The Roundup”, unfolding the very first page of his journey of success


“Mr. Goo did it” – Son Seok-gu’s “my success notes” has been unfolded.

On June 11th, the movie “The Roundup” (directed by Lee Sang-young) finally surpassed 10 million admissions. Set in Vietnam, “The Roundup” depicts a pleasant crime eradication operation conducted by detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok) and his team to catch the villain Kang Hae-sang (Son Seok-gu).

son seok gu the roundup

As a result, “The Roundup” has become the 28th movie in the ‘10-million’ club of the Korean film industry. This is the first Korean film to attract more than 10 million moviegoers since the pandemic and also 3 years since “Parasite” (2019). After hitting 1 million admissions just two days after it was released on May 18th, “The Roundup” continued its box-office success by achieving each milestone one after another, such as 2 million admissions on the 4th day of its release, 3 million on the 5th day, 4 million on the 7th day, 5 million on the 10th day, 6 million on the 12th day, 7 million on the 14th day, 8 million on the 18th day and 9 million on the 20th day, breaking all records since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

son seok gu the roundup

Compared to the previous movie “The Outlaws”, the intense action might be one of the factors that helped “The Roundup” become a hit, but above all, Seon Seok-gu’s rising popularity after starring in JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” was also a positive contributor. Son Seok-gu appeared as Mr. Goo, a man whose name and past are unknown, in the recently ended drama “My Liberation Notes”. Portraying Mr. Goo, who looks like a “wounded beast” with the gaze of someone who has been abandoned, but has an indifferent, chic, and kind heart, Son Seok-gu created a character that is considered an ideal type for female fans. As the drama topped the popularity chart every week, Son Seok-gu also made many hot topics. In fact, Son Seok-gu himself also acknowledged Mr. Goo as the best character in his acting career.

son seok gu the roundup

Son Seok-gu, who began playing major roles with the 2019 film “Hit-and-Run Squad”, has been reborn as a “10-million movie” actor through “The Roundup”, the third film in which starred as a lead following the 2021 film “Nothing Serious”. With the success of “My Liberation Notes” and “The Roundup”, Son Seok-gu received double congratulations for both drama and movie. Unlike Jang Chen played by Yoon Kye-sang in the previous film, the villain Kang Hae-sang played by Son Seok-gu in “The Roundup” is an annoying character who just does whatever he wants and boldly confronts Ma Seok-do with his own blood. Fans who watched both Son Seok-gu’s recent drama and movie gave an interesting theory, “Isn’t Kang Hae-sang Mr.Goo’s past?”. In response to this interpretation, Son Seok-gu even commented, “What an interesting analysis”.

son seok gu the roundup

Son Seok-gu decided to appear in “The Roundup” with the determination that “If you’re going to play this villain, make him the strongest that cannot be surpassed for a long time”. Seems like no one except for Son Seok-gu could have pulled off Kang Hae-sang, a “manly man from Hell” who wields a sharp knife mercilessly with his fierce eyes without a sidekick. Many fans are looking forward to Son Seok-gu’s next move after becoming a “10-million movie” actor.

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