So Ji-sub Found Out Shin Sung-rok’s Fatal Secret… Highest Viewership Rating 6.6% (Doctor Lawyer)


Han Yi-han (So Ji-sub) learned the fatal secret of Jayden Lee (Shin Sung-rok).

Episode 4 of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” (written by Jang Hong-cheol / directed by Lee Yong-seok, Lee Dong-hyun), which aired on June 11th, turned the small screen upside down with a shocking ending. The incarnation of revenge Han Yi-han and the deadly veiled man Jayden Lee faced in a very dangerous and provocative situation.

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Besides, the strong acting and presence of So Ji-sub and Shin Sung-rok added tension to the drama. Episode 4 of “Doctor Lawyer” recorded the highest viewership rating of 6.6%. (Nielsen Korea)

On this day, Han Yi-han was shocked by the death of Park Ki-tae (Kim Hyung-mook). However, he could not stop taking revenge on Gu Jin-gi (Lee Geung-young), the president of Banseok Hospital. Han Yi-han declared that he would make a free defense against the medical accident at Banseok Hospital. A girl, who lost her voice after surgery by Gu Jin-gi and his son Gu Hyun-seong (Lee Dong-ha), came to visit. She also complained that she suffered extreme pain since the anesthesia wore off during the operation.

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At the same time, Han Yi-han continued to question Park Ki-tae’s death. Han Yi-han noted that the killer who killed Park Ki-tae was the one who killed a doctor at Banseok Hospital in the past, and that his ex-wife was Jo Jung-hyun (Kim Ho-jung), the Head of Nursing who previously operated on Geum Seok-ju (Han Seung-bin). Geum Seok-yeong (Im Soo-hyang), the older sister of Geum Seok-ju, who died after hearing Han Yi-han’s words, started a more thorough investigation.

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On the other hand, the dangerous move of the deadly man Jayden Lee also stimulated viewers’ interest. As an investor in Banseok Hospital, Jayden Lee continued to fight for leadership with Gu Jin-gi. At times, he touched Gu Hyun-seong’s self-esteem and even reached out to seduce Lim Yu-na (Lee Joo-bin), whom Gu Hyun-seong had a crush on. Finally late at night, he led Lim Yu-na to the penthouse where he was staying and took mysterious medicine with Lim Yu-na.

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Shortly after, Han Yi-han received an urgent call from Jayden Lee’s aide. Han Yi-han witnessed a shocking scene at the penthouse, where he even made a secret pledge. Lim Yu-na was lying unconscious on the bed with blood on her head. Jayden Lee greeted Han Yi-han with more exaggerated gestures and actions than usual. He shouted “I knew you’d help. Doctor Lawyer. Han Yi-han” and laughed grotesquely.

“Doctor Lawyer” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.

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