SM’s rookie group that debuted just over a year ago but has achieved much greater success than many of their seniors

SM's rookie group that debuted just over a year ago but has achieved much greater success than many of their seniors

Up to now, aespa has debuted for more than a year and the group has quickly gained a solid position in the K-pop field.

Despite many controversies, the popularity of aespa has skyrocketed in the past year. The girl group rose to become a rookie with huge earnings that are much higher than those of their seniors.

aespa’s huge income attracts the attention of netizens. (Photo: SM Entertainment)

Recently, netizens were surprised by the news that member Giselle has used an anonymous account to donate 10 million won to an organization that helps abandoned animals and received many compliments from netizens. Giselle’s actions also somewhat eased the public’s anger towards aespa due to their recent lip-syncing controversy.

Members Giselle donated a large amount of money to charity. (Photo: SM Entertainment)
aespa giselle
After the recent controversy, the news that Giselle had donated to charity calmed people down. (Photo: allure)

Giselle has amassed a huge fortune and is not afraid to donate it to charity. Besides Giselle’s wealthy family, the fact that she donates a large amount of money also proves that aespa has “made a fortune” after more than 1 year of operation. Since then, many people have paid attention to aespa’s income, as well as SM’s treatment to their artist.

aespa is having an outstanding career development compared to other Gen 4 girl groups. (Photo: Pinterest)
Many people are curious about aespa’s huge income. (Photo: SM Entertainment)

It is known that at SM, idols are only entitled to 5% of income from their album sales, 70% from foreign promotions, and 40% from event attendance. Thus, the income of aespa must be enormous so that the members can accumulate such “huge” private property. Giselle’s donation of 10 million won, which is not a small amount, to charity is also something few rookies can do.

aespa has a huge personal fortune.

Not long ago, the cost to have aepsa in the artist line-up for university festivals is also the talk of the town. The price to invite aespa to perform is 50 million won. Meanwhile, Red Velvet and AKMU only received more than 40 million won for 1 show night. In addition, people were even more surprised when a famous global star like PSY only received an amount of about 15 million won.

aespa gets big money for performing at university festivals
Many people applaud SM for sharing money to the artists in a fair and equitable manner.

Ignoring the bad controversies surrounding aespa, the girls’ properties make many people admire. However, the fact that the group has a higher salary than Red Velvet or PSY makes people confused.

At the end of 2021, Korean media reported that aespa’s YouTube channel ranked 9th in the top 10 most powerful YouTube channels of the year. In particular, aespa is the only Gen 4 girl group to achieve this achievement. According to Forbes Korea, this channel helped aespa earn 1.24 million USD.

The rookie girl group earned a lot from their YouTube channel.

Aespa also has other sources of income from music or advertising contracts for famous brands such as Eider, Mediheal, CLIO. Netizens believe that aespa is SM Entertainment’s “golden goose”.

aespa are advertising models for the brand CLIO
The talented and beautiful girls gradually asserted their position in the industry
The group’s upcoming comeback is highly anticipated by the public

The huge income of the rookie group makes many people admire. Besides, netizens are also interested in SM’s reasonable profit distribution to the artists. Currently, aespa is preparing for a comeback, promising to be an extremely successful Gen 4 girl group in 2022.


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